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Calendar of Events/Classes
Wednesday July 8th, 2020 -- Picnic meeting of the Northern Chiefs.
This meeting to be held at Valley Forge, Chester County Station #68
Hors deVours (First Due) 1830 Hours
Meeting 1900 Hours
Dinner 1930 Hours

PA’s Fire/EMS COVID-19 Crisis Grant Guidelines
were released today and the applications are open until August 7th.

CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Coronavirus COVID-19: Individuals and Families from
Chester County Commissioners Press Conference - Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
PA Department of Health Provides Update on COVID-19
Chester County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Map
Montgomery County Update on COVID-19

2020 Census
Just as important but might get lost in all the news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Many vital services are funded using the Census count and NOT answering could mean your community will lose out!
Census 2020 Benefits Talking Points

Saving Lives Campaign
  The NCCFCA Member Fire Companies have partnered with NORCO Fire Company, along with Lowe's, First Alert, and North Coventry Township Fire Marshal in the Saving Lives Campaign. This program grew out of tragic fire in 2017 where a 9 year old boy died!!
Click for Information/Application
PLEASE contact us is you have any safety related questions!

Chester County Strategic Plan Update 03/05/2020 {PDF 73KB} {Posted: 03/11/2020}

Chester County PSTC Facilities MOU Form {PDF 268KB} {Posted: 03/11/2020}

March 11th 2020 Minutes {PDF 252KB}

Advisory Board Notes April 2nd 2020 {PDF 186KB}

Advisory Board Notes May 7th 2020 {PDF 187KB}

Advisory Board Notes June 3rd 2020 {PDF 203KB}

Advisory Board Notes July 2nd 2020 {PDF 208KB}

Meeting Attendance 2020 {As of 05/31/2020} {PDF 163KB}

Meeting Attendance 2019 YTD {Final} {PDF 161KB}

Meeting Attendance 2018 YTD {Final} {PDF 174KB}

Meeting Attendance 2017 YTD {Final} {PDF 249KB}

Meeting Attendance 2016 YTD {Final} {PDF 248KB}

Meeting Attendance 2015 YTD {Final} {PDF 246KB}

Meeting Attendance 2014 YTD {Final} {PDF 249KB}

Mods to Safety Trailer Power On/Off Instructions 05 Jul 2019

Please review and Comment, especially if you've run Safety Trailer

E-Mail: Comments

Power On/Off Instructions with Pics {PDF 1MB}

Safety Trailer & Sparky the Fire Dog
Commitment Dates
Click Picture of Safety Trailer above for more views

Click for: Safety Trailer/Sparky the Fire Dog Reservation Form {PDF 52 KB}
Click to E-Mail for: Questions, Information, etc. re Safety Trailer
Click For Safety Trailer Power Requirements {PDF 271 KB}

Safety Trailer Power On/Off Instructions - Last Updated: 07/05/2019

Please review and Comment, especially if you've run Safety Trailer

E-Mail: Comments

Power On/Off Instructions with Pics {PDF 1MB}

Official Sparky the Fire Dog Web Site
Official Bullex Fire Safety Trailer Web Site

Advertising Space Now Available!!
Safety Trailer Has space for advertising, see picture!
Click: Price Flyer for Prices/More information!
{Space is rented from May to May}
Click to E-Mail for: Questions
{Note: Safety Trailer advertising E-Mail Address changed!!}
Click: for Safety Trailer Use Summary 2011-2018

2019 Safety Trailer is scheduled for 6 events, 10 days!
Completed 3 Events, 7 days, with 386 people through.

In 2018 Safety Trailer was scheduled for 10 events, 11 days!
Completed 4 Events, 5 days, with 494 people through.
In 2017 Safety Trailer was scheduled for 18 events, 19 days!
UNFORTUATELY Due to electrical problems only used 9 times with 211 people through!
In 2016 Safety Trailer was scheduled for 19 events, 21 days,
been used 17 times, 19 days, 1,441 people through!
In 2015 Safety Trailer was scheduled for 15 events, used at 11,
1,325 people went through!

Safety Trailer Schedule for 2019

NOTE: Times are event times.
There may be 1-2 hours on each side for towing to/from event!

1.Fri-Sat Jul 17-21, 2019 - Limerick Fire Company @ Limerick Fire Company for Sixth Annual Youth Firefighter Camp Done
        {Safety Trailer - 0900 to 1200 Hours everyday}
2.Sat Jul 20th, 2019 - NORCO Fire Company @ NORCO Fire Company
for 2nd Annual Evan's Eleven Memorial 5K Fire Prevention Week Event Done
        {Safety Trailer - 0900 to 1500 Hours}
3.Sat Aug 24th, 2019 - Limerick Fire Company @ Limerick Community Park
for Limerick Township Community Day Done
        {Safety Trailer - 1600 to 1900 Hours}
4.Sat Sep 14th, 2019 - Ridge Fire Company @ Ridge Fire Company
for Fire Company Community Day Done
        {Safety Trailer & Sparky - 1300 to 1500 Hours}
5.Fri Oct 4th, 2019 - Phoenixville Fire Company @ Phoenixville Downtown
for First Friday Fire Prevention Week Event Done
        {Safety Trailer & Sparky - 1800 to 2100 Hours}
6.Sat Oct 26th, 2019 - Phoenixville Fire Company @ Phoenixville Hospital
for Hospital Community Day
        {Safety Trailer - 1000 to 1400 Hours}

Note #1: Many Classes are held at:

Chester County Goverenment Services Building

601 Westtown Road

West Chester, PA 19380-4958

Map via ®

Map via ®

Note #2: Many Classes, as of 12/2012, will be held at:

Public Safety Training Campus

137 Modena Road

Academic Building

Coatesville 19320-4036

Map via ® {Maps to edge of property}

Map via ® {Maps to center of property}